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An Explanation of Over-Drawn terminology

Systemic Reclamation

Systemic Reclamation is the process first put forth by Lil 6, using what worked from older models while attempting to correct the errors of the past. Systemic meaning that we use a method where responsibility is divided into easy to learn areas so that each new person adds exponentially to the whole. Reclamation means that each of us individually and any organization collectively must vigorously confront our own dysfunction in order, from a broken state, to become the amazing person and to be a part of amazing groups of people we all have the potential to be. This being the case Systemic Reclamation is an organic model meaning that it is always being refined and expanded; each new person adds to what we know and do as they bring their own experience and wisdom to the table which will be added here as Over-Drawn and other affiliated groups grow and mature. 


Participants is the term chosen by Over-Drawn founders and members to define anyone who works or supports the group in any way. In this way we ensure that our friends and allies are not pigeon holed into categories. Writers, Artists, financial donors, even fans and critics are all definable as 'participants' so we choose to forgo those other terms in order to define all with the same word. 

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