Hello from Logan

Logan was born in New York City in 1958 to a Cree-Canadian father and an African-American mother. He had some childhood years in Powell River, BC. In 1961, the family moved to Hamilton, Ontario. where Logan recieved his schooling. For a time, he was employed as an artist by one of Ontario's largest advertising agencies. In 1974, he was involved in an auto accident resulting in necessary therapy. This time allowed him to explore the Japanese Manga style of illustrating, as well as indulging his passion for automobiles by modeling them.

Logan returned to Powell River in 1977 where he worked in the local newsper and contributed illustrations to a Vancouver-based LGBTQ paper. He emigrated to the US in 1980, settling in Dayton, Ohio. His spirit took him to Kensington, Maryland and back to New York City, improving in his artistic expression all the while.

Moving out to SanDiego, CA, in 1995, he drew a comic strip named "Charlie Sullivan" which ran in a "coffehouse" newspaper. He got good circulation for portraying progressive and social justice situational humor. (He has done so in Olympia with a series of cartoons about the plight of the houseless which showed up in "Works In Progress" - Thurston County's longtime Progressive outlet.

1960 Chrysler 300 FG

2 Guys on an Elephant!