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Updated: Oct 23, 2021

So, my friends, here we are. If you saw this coming, I love you for that; if you are astonished, I am sorry.

Catastrophe happens when the action has been going on for a while. If we are looking only near to us day by day, we may fail to discern the negative direction caused by cumulative failures. There are always folks who warn us, and folks who dispute the warnings. Comes the actual catastrophe, we all get shaken – especially if the moment to act seems irrevocably lost.

And what to do now . . . now that the road to destruction is clearly marked? Perhaps I will not feel the need to rub it in any more, but can now turn the corner in my own drama, and speak as one who is able to keep my head “while those about me are losing theirs . . . “

Being facile with word and song is a nice quality in a person, but it can obscure a state of upset and lie to others about the fear that is present. My own life is going towards the sunset, and I no longer have confidence that the world might “. . . go well when I'm gone away” [Pete Seeger]. So I have determined to put my verbal skills to work in this Web Log (yes, 'blog it is!) in order to offer suggestions to fellow humans wanting to pull back from The Brink.

My first subject and target of my vitriol is: "There is no Economy anywhere.”

I welcome and solicit comments on any issue raised in this venue, Like all similar forums, you will be ignored if you become abusive. Nobody posting here wants to argue with you, we just want everyone to think a bit more calmly and deeply. It is too easy to despise someone when they are saying something you firmly oppose. We will propose changes and we will vividly describe that which we feel is wrong.

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