The Human Moment

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

In culture, when something is art, whatever form it takes and I believe there are far more art forms than many might see, there are many moments of worth. There are sad moments, funny moments, thoughtful moments, triumphant moments, inspiring moments and other categories to numerous to list. The reason people seem to miss art forms is that they come to believe that these moments cannot exist within a form of cultural expression... I contend that they exist is all forms of cultural expression and that it is because someone misses them in a given form that makes them incapable of seeing that form as art. The one moment in art that transcends all, is what I call The Human Moment: the moment most recognizable to the human being; the moment that encompasses all other moments. It is these moments that we can use to bridge the gap to anyone from anywhere because it is these moments that cannot be denied by a reasonable mind.

When a painter a writer, a poet, a musician or a filmmaker creates a masterpiece it is because that single piece can evoke every reaction one by one and at once. The same can be said of cooks or landscapers or athletes or architects... blue collar craftsmen such as plumbers carpenters and electricians can translate their work to art through invention and innovation most recognizable in fountains, sculpture or light shows. By the same token however true artistry can be seen in more subtle items; a sink, a lamp or a table can encapsulate beauty that sits within our everyday lives.

The Mona Lisa is not happy or sad, she simply is. Her smile encapsulates every possibility in it's subtlety. A moment of triumph in sport is more subtle that a detached observer might think. Though it represents unbridled joy to the victor, it is heartbreak to those defeated. Even if supportive of a single side, a grounded observer will feel every emotion felt by the athletes within themselves. It is these moments that can connect us all, and it is these moments by which we can communicate without barriers of language or politic. It is these moments when a fool can learn and hearts of stone can soften... it is these moments that can unite bitter enemies, or when misused divide kindred souls.

Film is perhaps my favorite medium through which to encounter art. For me, a film scores a ten when it manages to capture every emotional reaction, both one at a time and at once with a minimum of ancillary distraction. One of my favorite artisans is the comedic actor Simon Pegg. In the film, Hector and the Search for happiness, Pegg portrays a naive and sheltered London psychiatrist who comes to see himself, correctly so, as a fraud. Pegg's character decides to travel the world in search of what makes people happy, experiencing every possible emotion on the way, Pegg finally comes to realize that the key to happiness is becoming comfortable with every emotion, even if all at once. This culminates in one of the most stunningly beautiful “human moments” I have seen in any at form and provided the inspiration for the term.

Humans, as a rule, are damaged and thus are generally unable or unwilling to access certain emotional states. When humans encounter emotion in art they can deny some versions of it. If a thing is funny or thrilling of sad, an individual unwilling or unable to access the same within themselves will not understand the same in art. Only the most damaged individual who has lost all sense of self can miss the “human moment” quality in art. This, above all else is what I seek to achieve in all that I do: to capture that which transcends language or even form, which can overcome all barriers and serve as bridge to connect people from all walks of life.

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