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Mass Escape at Alterra Prison


As the world faces what seems to be the apocalypse, his older brother and mentor one of its victims, Martin Drake finds himself and his family and friends who follow recruited to help fight the very cause of the crisis, but the truth is beyond what any of them imagined.

Coming Soon

Druk Czi

In a world torn apart by a war like none anyone saw coming and few yet even understand, the being known only as Druk-Czi knows nothing of itself.  Awaking on a mountainside, Druk-Czi now must try to solve the mystery behind its very existence.

Issue one Coming Soon

Act Two: Through a Looking Glass
Coming Soon
Majik is a free to view, donation supported fantasy universe created by
Horror-Fantasy writer (Among other things) LIL 6 but is intended to be shared by
the fandom. Rather than try to own it, LIL feels that the best way to create something
amazing is to allow it to be created by its culture. Fan fiction is invited and some
of what is submitted will become canon and some writers will be invited
to write canon about stories that have been planned.

“This is my creation but I want to give it to its fans; this is yours.”

Eventually a group will form to decide what will or will not be canon and
LIL will relinquish control to them and move on to create other shared
universes already in the works.


Graphic Novels

Welcome to the most inclusive fantasy universe possible!

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