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Hello From LIL 6


LIL 6 like many of Over-Drawn's contributors are members of The Den of the Rainbow Warriors an Olympia WA and internet based direct action group.  A main tenant of the group is: It is our estimation that if one pays for ideas the ideas are no quickly stop being those of who is payed but who is paying. As soon as you become contracted with a publisher or agent your  ideas begin to chance match to meet the needs and desires of your employers.

Furthermore when a person who has created a work of fiction relies of it for their livelihood they hoard it and limit it in ways that are needless is it is given freely.

This is why LIL 6 has chosen to make her horror-fantasy Majik universe open to participation from writers and artists from all walks of life. If you are interested in participating please contact LIL through the CONTACT & SUBMISSIONS page.

LIL is constantly surprised when people, hearing of her difficult past, speak in awe of her “having done so much” with her time. Her own take is that her accomplishments fell short of her own ambitions, but mainly due to the lack of resources and support during her more mature years - years in which she could move quickly, packing everything into a military sized duffel bag, ready to go in fifteen minutes should the need arise. As she grew older, she became more sedentary, staying much too long in a dysfunctional household. Just over a year ago, she decided to change things for 2021 by facing her fear – jumping into the world of the homeless. For 10 months she navigated the blinds and hurdles of the indigent and is rewarded for her endurance by a new place to live. Hard times are not forgotten, and friends in need remain friends indeed.


She is back in the game of Change, joining in the Den of the Rainbow Warriors to foment revolution and hold a steady mirror up to our sickening culture. She stands with all downtrodden and marginalized people. In the method laid down by “The Teacha” (the Blastmaster) KRS ONE, she is dedicating her strength to self creation and love, so that a new day might come. LIL looks to the future that can be earned; a joyous way that has left despair behind.

She invites you to go also.


                                        LIL6 grew up in one of the worst hot zones of the “crack” war – a crime capitol just over the property

                                        line from what became the US most outrageously affluent community thanks to the tech boom. She

                                        had a closeup experience of the corruption and dysfunction churning within the nation in the 1980s.

                                        She was ostracised by the supposedly better and safer communities across the tracks, and she

                                        embraced street life and learned too well the plight of the disenfranchised. When she was an adult, and faced with the choice between the mundane life of the “bought in” and the “sold out” she tended to act in the direction of rebellion and risk.

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