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Lil Six is an Fantasy-Horror writer, Poet and artist as well as a founding member of the Den of the Rainbow Warriors.  Lil grew up on the edge of one of the worst ghettos in the United States of the 1980s.  Watching as her friends were drawn into destructive gangland patterns that eventually destroyed them, Lil came to abhor violence and, as an adult became totally dedicated to changing the conditions that destroyed her community and family.  Now, at 43, Lil has dedicated herself to being the mirror which forces those blind to the issues facing oppressed people the world over and building alternatives to systemic aspects that perpetuate that oppression. 


Frederic Silsby is Freddie 2 in the Den of the Rainbow Warriors

He is one of the fortunate Boomers who did not serve in the US military during Vienam and who never became a lawyer, stockbroker or other paragon of success. He is a very old school Liberal and pacifist who has been writing for no one in particular about the perils of modern life. He seeks to entertain and not to offend as many of the visitors to this site who can take the time to entertain some free association with us.

Carl Bond

Carl Bond (°1975, Cudahy, Wisconsin) creates illustrations in a variety of methods, from Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. By first experimenting with processes that offer elements of chance, Carl has discovered and now creates art by whimsically playing and value is inherently created. Play itself is indeed a serious and intimate matter to Carl. However, different rules apply here than the rules that most people know of. Even an ordinary photo meets, through his hands, a conversion of style, color and presentation, where Carl finds further growth and awakening from perceived value.

Logan Chrysler

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Lil 6

Frederic Silsby

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