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Carl’s Artist Page

The man himself, Carl Bond.


I am not the artist. Artificial intelligence is.

Part of what makes me as a person is that I just don’t care about making money. I have a roof over my head. I have nutritional food to eat. I have anything I want or could ever want. I have computers, mobile devices, even a flat-screen TV.


It's really all good for me. But I am not sure that’s true for everyone. So here is my page, offering people some possible inspiration to do something of meaning by themselves, for themselves. Really, take it or leave it.

And even if I *wanted* to create, sometimes I feel that there’s too many options, too many opportunities for people to create WHATEVER THEY WANT. And as I will show in detail, the images were created in part from artificial intelligence.


More to the point; the detail, the skill, the delicacy involved... it just shows that what computers can provide is unrivaled against the human hand.

But before I tell you about my top selections of artificial intelligence, I need to introduce you to the website This Person Does Not Exist.

One way to showcase a new artist or an illustration style, a new business idea is to offer it as a portrait. Even while photography is more present now than ever,  portraits are still a way to offer a glimpse of the persona of the individual.

It is ego, someone’s self-importance or their self-esteem that is a connection to a portrait, a function of record, a function of biography, a function of being able to associate with someone you do not know through a basis of illustration.

Even as there is press about this site and there are concerns about it, there is the basis of connection with an individual, you, that I am using the images from the website as a demonstration about the potential of artificial intelligence with illustration, a means of showcasing techniques for the future.

Anyway, time to show you the list of my favorites of artificial intelligence applications and websites that can change any photo into a work of art.


And even if the artificial intelligence settings you use are a hit-or-miss based upon one specific image or another, you can still use the images with programs like Photoshop to get the effect or look you want to have in your art.

And even if you don’t personally like Photoshop, there are some really good alternatives: Affinity Photo, GIMP, Pixelmator Pro, PaintShop Pro.

I list programs like Photoshop because I have actually used some of the listed examples below to create four different images from those examples of artificial intelligence, then and I have “sandwiched” the images together into one image.


It creates a more vibrant, dynamic piece of artwork and I list those examples with an asterisk ( * ), like with the very next example of artificial intelligence. Those that I don't list with an asterisk have strengths in other ways than to just create artwork from, as I will have indicated within that section.


Neural Style *

This is one of my favorite websites that can manipulate photos into artworks.

Why it's important for you to look at it:

  • It can create images that are 15 megapixel in size, enough to be a 16x24 inch image on stretched canvas, printed from Costco’s Photo Center.

  • You can upload artwork you created elsewhere to be the images to emulate on this website engine to create future artworks from - and you can delete what you’ve uploaded later... something you cannot do on other sites!

  • You can order the method used to render the images in bulk pricing.


This Person Does Not Exist
Neural Style

Portrait from Neural Style



This is another favorite website of mine to create manipulated artworks.

Why it's important for you to look at it:

  • You can easily see the growing collection of artwork from other members.

  • You can even see this collection casually, from your phone, as shown.

  • If you upload images, your images might be processed for free!


Ostagram Art
Ostagram Art
Ostagram Art
Ostagram Art


Photoshop Camera *

This app exists for your phone or tablet in Android or iOS platforms.

Why it's important for you to look at it:

  • It is free to download and install on your device.

  • The manipulations are quick - there's no waiting involved

  • Additional effects can be added easily, just download them within the app.


This Person Does Not Exist
Photoshop Camera

Portrait from Photoshop Camera

Deepdream 2021-12-20 19-22-09.jpg
Deepdream 2021-12-20 20-18-30.jpg

Deep Dreamer’s “Tiny Dogs”

Deep Dreamer’s “Structures”


Other Honorable Mentions

Maybe I will expand the list above to include what I like of these additional websites and applications below. But for now, they will just be listed here for you to explore on your own, at your own leisure. Good luck and happy clicking!​

Artbreeder • Deep Art • Deep Art Effects • Night Cafe

 PainntPicas • PlayformPrisma • SDFX • Topaz Studio

Carl Bond_edited_edited.jpg


Deep Dream

This section actually outlines is actually three separate programs, two different websites, and has a deep dream function to it as well. Far as I can tell, I was only able to find a Mac app to do these same sort of image manipulations, as from those websites.

Why it's important for you to look at it:

  • It creates patterns and objects as shown, even from a purely white image, just as what these two samples below had started off in being.

  • The Mac app has a chime to tell you when it is done with the image.

  • The Mac app also has a one-time payment to have unlimited manipulations,  while the two websites just offer monthly plans.


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